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CPA or Certified Public Accountants are the group of qualified accountants who can be hired by the companies and a common practice in most of the English speaking countries. The work of the public accountants is simple. They are hired by the public and the companies to take care of the preparation, review and the auditing work of the financial statements of the clients along with providing help with preparing the tax returns and the tax planning. For a person to become a CPA, they need to pass the Uniform CPA examination and also clear certain experience requirements as mentioned by the State, where they wish to practice in...



Tax-filing is a crucial task that is mandatory for everyone be it corporate organizations or individuals. Along with being a necessary task, tax-filing is also a complex and mind-engaging job. It has no scope of any mistake or blunder for any mistake here has severe financial ramifications. QuickBooks provides a fast, easy and intelligent service for tax-filing. Quick Banking Advizors is well known for its expertise in QuickBooks and also for providing best assistance for this accounting software.



Payroll refers to the list of employees working for a company and the salary that is paid to each of them every month. Though the term might generally refer to the list of the employees working in the company, payroll can be used to describe the financial records of the company with regards to the wages, taxes and the bonuses paid to each of the employee. Broadly speaking, payroll is considered to be one of the important aspects of accounts and financial management of a company. This has the power to affect the income incurred by a company that has undertaken the business.


Point of Sale

The POS or the point of sale refers to the point at which the sales for the company are being carried out. Speaking in a braider sense, the point of sales would refer to the city or the market where the company has been getting a majority of its sale for the business. As we narrow it down, the POS will point out to the area where a particular customer has purchased the product that is related to the company. In this case, the POS would refer to the checkout counter where the customer paid for the service or the product. The term POS is applicable to both the brick and mortar store and the online shopping sites maintained by a company or an individual.

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